A bit about me…

My name is Marcella and I am a 23 year old born and bred Londoner (with a bit of Italian in me, hence the name!). I have been working as an actor since I graduated from drama school in 2013. I love acting and have done some amazing jobs but the uncertain life of an actor means the work isn’t always consistent. During my gaps in performing work I have done jobs to try and have a bit of income. From dance teaching (which I still do part time and love!) to bar work, to attractions, to call centres (where I didn’t even last a month!). I decided working somewhere only for the money wasn’t for me. I decided to become freelance. This meant I suddenly had weeks at a time when I had a LOT of free time on my hands! There is only so many Netflix boxsets a person can watch!

I eventually stumbled across the blogging and YouTube community. I hadn’t really read many blogs or watched many YouTubers before but the world of blogging and vloggging sucked me in!

So I thought why not try my hand at starting a blog myself! I have always enjoyed writing but was never too sure what to write about. But after being encouraged my friends I thought I’d give it a a go!  I want to document my life and likes and my love of London and my love of travelling!  From lifestyle, to beauty, to places to eat and drink and who knows what else!

I hope you enjoy,

Marcella x



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