Lush Goodness

Now I LOVE Lush. Their products are so beautifully made, smell AMAZING and leave your body feeling fab!  Here are some of my favourite products I’m loving at the moment! What are your Lush must-haves?!



Hottie Massage Bar (£5.95)

Last December, I was in a car accident and my back just hasn’t been the same since. I went into Lush and was recommended this product to massage into aching muscles. And I LOVE it! You can use the circular curves to massage it into the body warming up the muscles as the Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and Fair Trade shea butter melts into your skin. This is a perfect product for dancers to use (coming from a dance background myself) or after a hardcore gym workout!

Lip Scrub – Popcorn (£5.50)

An amazing product for exfoliating lips. You only need to apply the smallest amount to rub into the lips. This product seems to last forever! I opted for the popcorn scrub and it smells fab, tastes great AND it has popping candy in it! Useful and tasty!

Bath Bombs

I couldn’t do a post about Lush without mentioning their famous bath bombs! They were the first product I ever tried in Lush when I was a teenager and I have loved them ever since! It’s hard to chose my favourites, but Intergalactic, The Experimenter and Sex Bomb are definitely up there!

What’s your favourite bath bomb?! Let me know which one I need to try next!



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