Autumn excitment

This year, Instagram is flooded with autumnal orange and brown themes! After a surprisingly pleasant summer in England, (shocker, I know!) a lot of us are now ready to embrace the colder season. So whether you are bursting with excitement at that thought of pumpkins, bobble hats and hot chocolates or you need some warming words to get you into the autumn spirit, here are the things I love most about the season! 



I know I’m not alone in this season being a firm fashion favourite for many! There are just so many more clothing options when it gets colder (as you literally need the layers to keep warm!). From thick scarves to knee high boots (MY FAV) there are so many choices!


Out comes the berry and the vampy look with the purple and red toned lippy which I am totally In love with… look out for an autumn/winter lip guide coming soon!

Hot Chocolates


I am OBSESSED with hot chocolates all year round, but as the evenings grow colder and darker, nothing beats snuggling up on the sofa with a tasty hot chocolate and Harry Potter on the telly! My fav at the moment is the Freddo hot chocolate (I KNOW, I NEARLY DIED WHEN I SAW IT IN TESCO) as you make it with milk which makes it so much creamier and yummy! Add some whipped cream and a handful of marshmallows and you’re in hot chocolate heaven!

If you’re out and about and fancy a chocolate treat check out Costa’s Sticky Toffee Apple Hot Chocolate. It’s sooooooo good!

Candles & Fairy Lights

Again I love these all year round, but there is such a huge selection of autumnal scented candles which is always great to get you in the mood and make your home super cosy. Check out Yankee Candle Home Sweet Home and Pain au Raisin for homely autumnal scents!

Lush Launch

I know, I’m going on about baths AGAIN. But when Lush brings out their Halloween collection how can you not get excited?! Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar? Don’t mind if I do!


It’s not for everyone, but I love any excuse to get dressed up and wear ridiculous make-up! Thorpe Park Fright Night is a firm favourite of mine so definitely check it out if rollercoasters in the dark and horror mazes are up your street! If getting scared isn’t for you, why not stick of Hocus Pocus and decorate your living room with pumpkins and lanterns and fill up on Halloween treats with a group of friends! 


Bonfire night makes me very reminiscent of my childhood; wrapping up in gloves and a wooly scarves with a sparkler in hand, smelling burgers from the cart at the school’s firework night! Whenever I can go and see a fireworks display, I always do! 

So if you are now feeling ready to snuggle up in a cosy blanket and drink a hot chocolate while being surrounded by candles, my job is done! 

What are your favourite thing to do in Autumn?! 

Marcella x








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