November Favourites

This months favourites post is a little shorter than normal. I haven’t been spending much money this month as I’ve been buying/saving for christmas pressies, so I haven’t been purchasing new beauty products.

HOWEVER, here are the random things I’ve been loving most in the past month! Enjoy!

Simple Kind To Skin Vital Vitamin Night Cream


I’ve had this night cream for a little while now, but this month it has been a life saver for my dry skin! Usually in the winter my skin doesn’t look its best, but the rich formula has kept my face hydrated. If you have dry skin and are looking for an affordable product, check this out!

Candy Kittens


If you have a super sweet tooth like me you need these sweets in your life! ‘Gourmet sweets’ in packaging as cute as their name, these little wonders are gluten free with natural flavourings and colourings. They come in many flavours, but I opted for ‘Wild Strawberry’ and they were super tasty! They are available at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Selfridges, Topshop and River Island.

Pukka Lemon Ginger and Manuka Honey Tea


It’s winter, so we are all going to be battling a cold or a flu-like virus at some point. These teas by Pukka save me when I’m feeling poorly! All the ingredients are great for soothing husky voices. I first discovered these when I was training in musical theatre and needed to sing everyday which meant my voice would get a bit tired from time to time! So if you’re feeling poorly, give these a try!

The Walking Dead


Firstly, there are no spoilers here as I have not yet got to season 7! I am actually only on season 3, but quickly making my way through the episodes! I am SUPER late to the party here, but on an afternoon stuck in bed feeling poorly, I started getting on the hype and I am now HOOKED! Thanks to Amazon Prime, my winter evenings are sorted!

What beauty products have you been loving recently? I’m in need of some new beauty favs!

Marcella x



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