Let’s get festive!

I have heard a few people saying “I don’t feel very christmasy” in the past few days. When you’re still working it’s easy to fall into this. However, on the week of Christmas itself, this simply won’t do! I’m writing this blog post sitting on my bed with ‘The Grinch’ bedsheets with my ‘Christmas Memories’ Yankee candle burning and Gavin and Stacy Christmas Special playing in the background (for the third time… sorry not sorry).

I am here to bring Christmas spirit into your lives with five things you can do to make yourself feel as festive as the Buddy the Elf!

  1. Change your Spotify playlist! 

    You can always listen to your favourite chart songs, but there is only one month of the year when you can listen to christmas songs (well, when it’s socially acceptable anyway!). So put on Mariah Carey and Michael Buble christmas classics on your way to work and trust me, the Northern Line won’t seem half as bad!

  2. Get baking!

    On the run up to Christmas, I feel the most inclined to get out my rolling pin and get baking! Now you may not be the next Betty Crocker, but try making some simple cookies and maybe use a reindeer cookie cutter or buy some Jus-Rol pastry and create some super easy mince pies (watch this space for the world’s easiest mince pie recipe coming soon!).

  3. Go for a walk or drive to find some Christmas Lights!

    A short drive from where I live, there is the most epically festive house lit up with hundreds of lights! Everyone goes past and takes photos of the incredible spectacle! So why not explore your town with a friend or partner and see what twinkling wonders you can find!

  4. Watch you fav festive film!

    Everyone has a particular film or tv special which they usually watch every year. So if you haven’t put it on yet, what are you waiting for? And why not wrap some presents up while you’re watching, being both productive and festive! If you need some inspiration of what to watch check out my top 10 christmas movies blog post!

  5. Organise an evening with friends!

    Have your own Christmas celebration with you best mates! Why not go to someone’s house and make your own Christmas dinner?! If that doesn’t work get a cheese board and some Quality Street instead! Buy some christmas crackers, play some games and maybe even do Secret Santa!

I hope this can get you into the festive spirit! What do you like doing to make yourself feels christmassy?!

Marcella x



      • ciarralorren
        December 21, 2016 / 7:21 pm

        No worries love! Xo

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