My top 10 tv boxsets you NEED to watch

The age of TV boxsets is on the rise. There are so many fab boxsets with phenomenal story lines, amazing actors and incredibly quirky concepts. Here are my top picks! Your Friday nights in are officially sorted (you’re welcome!).

1- Breaking Bad

If you haven’t watched this already WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING?! Although it originally came out in 2008, it became hugely popular once it came onto Netflix (and was actually the reason I originally got it!). You follow the story of Chemistry teacher Walter White when he discovers he has cancer and has to find alternative methods to make money. Expect lots of drugs (including ‘blue meth’) some seriously scary bad guys and an acting masterclass from Bryan Cranston. And let’s not forget the GENIUS Vince Gilligan who created it.

2- The Walking Dead

Another HUGELY acclaimed TV series and for good reason! Over the past few months I have been binging on this to catch up to the current season and oh my, it has been worth it! Policeman Rick wakes up after being in a coma in hospital, to America being affected by an unknown virus causing a zombie apocalypse. You follow the survival of various groups of people and come to realise the zombies or ‘walkers’ are not the only thing that should be feared. Expect the unexpected and don’t get too attached to any characters because you never know how much longer they will be alive for…

3- Dexter

I was seriously late to get on this hype but I was so glad when my boyfriend said he would re-watch it with me! Dexter is a psychopath killer who lives by a ‘code’, trying to blend into society whilst working as a blood splatter analyst for Miami’s Police Department. Sounds serious and at times it is, but his social awkwardness is equally hilarious! Season 4  with ‘The Trinity Killer‘ is is definitely my favourite!

4- Pretty Little Liars

This is my most recent Netflix addiction! Four teenage girls are tormented by a mysterious ‘A’ after one of their best friends disappears. PLL is soooo much better than I expected with some seriously pulse racing episodes and unexpected plot twists. Make sure you have lots of free time as once you start, you won’t be able to stop watching!

5- Orange Is The New Black

Set in a women’s prison in America, this comedy-drama will make you both laugh and cry! The series revolves around Piper Chapman, an engaged middle class woman who is pulled from her conventional life and sent to prison for being involved in smuggling drug money nearly 10 years before. You get introduced to some unusual, hilarious and slightly terrifying characters as you watch Piper try to adapt to prison life. Bring on the next season… that cliffhanger was TOO much!

6- Peep Show

Another series properly introduced to me by my boyfriend! All filmed very unusually, from the point of view of of the characters, this very British sitcom is like no other!  Mark and Jez, two very different friends have a flat in Croydon. Sounds simple but it is h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s! It is super up close and personal and will make you laugh out loud when you hear their inner monologues as they struggle with relationships, jobs and the unusual social situations they get themselves into!

7- The Office UK/US

I watched the original The Office UK, first and the mockumentary style immediately had me hooked! This British classic follows the staff of an office in Slough. Simple, hilarious and heart breaking at times, you almost forget it isn’t a real documentary. The American version started by following the British version’s theme, but develops into its very own series with 9 seasons in total! Set in Scranton, this ensemble comedy beautifully develops the character’s lives across the seasons. Steve Carell as Michael Scott is pure genius! It also has some of the BEST opening sequences of all times!

8- Sherlock

I am a huuuuge Sherlock Holmes fan, so this series was right up my street! Set in the modern day, Benedict Cumberbatch portrays the title role and Martin Freeman is Watson. Although there are only 3 episodes per season, each is feature length, so make some popcorn and get ready for a whirlwind of an episode!

9- Modern Family

Another mockumentary style comedy (my fav!) which showcases a ‘modern’ American family. You can’t help but fall in love with the characters! This comedy really has heart and is a great pick-me-up if I’m having a bad day!

10- American Horror Story

This anthology erotic horror series uses the same actors in each season. However, they portray entirely different characters in different story lines which are set across various time periods. For this reason, certain seasons I favour much more than others, such as Asylum. It is super graphic, super dark and super addictive!

Friends is not on this list, HOWEVER it is arguably my favourite TV show of all time! But this goes without saying, right?!

What is your favourite boxset?! What do I need to watch next?!

Marcella x



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