Don’t fall into the social media trap…

I think social media is pretty amazing. It can connect people, it has created countless job opportunities and it allows us to celebrate and enjoy the happiest moments and accomplishments of our loved ones . But in the real world, these highs often come after several weeks or months of lows. Social media only shows a small snippet of a person’s life and often (or in my case at least) these are only ‘the best bits’.

I am the queen of comparing myself to others. Especially those with their seemingly perfect lives which are depicted on their colour co-ordinated feeds on Instagram. I see the designer handbags bloggers receive and the people who I went to school with as they snap a photo of their “Saturday date night” at The IvyI can’t help but feel jealous! Why can’t my life be that perfect? Why can’t I afford designer handbags? Why is my life so boring?

But then I look at my own Instagram feed/Facebook profile page and it hits me. I probably look like I live a  glamorous life to outsiders! I am always keen to do a ‘check-in’ as soon as I visit somewhere vaguely more glamorous than Nandos (which I will probably also post about as it’s my fav!). I’ve posted pictures of my breakfast at The Shard and Duck and Waffle (both were birthday celebrations and included searching the menu for the cheapest cuppa; THIS IS REAL LIFE).

I love posting my favourite holiday snaps from my Europe adventures with my boyfriend. But I don’t mention that we both do shift work so don’t have much time to spend with each other aside from these holidays. I work 2 jobs so I can be able to have these incredible experiences. But I opt for a photo of The Eiffel Tower instead of me in my work uniform early on a Saturday morning!

I also love a good quote and I am forever re-posting them with the hashtag #mondaymotivation. But in reality, I struggle most Mondays, unsure of what I’m actually doing with my life. I end up hiding under my duvet watching back to back episodes of Pretty Little Liars (when I know I should be at the gym).

And as for selfies, I only ever post pictures when my face is covered in make-up and my hair has been a rare success (such as today when I got my haircut for the first time in nearly a year LOL) … I did not ‘wake up like this’, that’s for sure!

I’m not saying we should post our sob stories in our statuses (we all know THAT person, and are forever rolling our eyes at the oversharing) but we should take social media profiles with a pinch of salt. A square on a grid does NOT tell the full story. Pictures and words on the internet do not mean someone is necessarily happy all the time.

I think of social media as a highlight reel. Think of it as the VT which bigs up the guest singers before they come onto the stage to perform on the X Factor. Don’t stop sharing, but DO stop comparing (that was an unintentional rhyme which has made my point seem extremely cheesy, apologies). Everyone has their good and bad days. Never forget that.

Marcella x



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