7 things I should be able to do as an adult (but can’t)

For anyone who feels like they’ve had an adulting fail today, not to worry, we’ve all been there. To make you feel a little better about yourself, here are some things a 24, going on 25 year old me, still struggles to do.


1) Get rid of spiders 

My dad recently asked me what I would do if I lived by myself and I wanted to get rid of a spider. My response was “call you”. Duh.

2) Make phone calls to strangers 

So obviously I have to do this, however I will put off ringing the doctors for weeks because for some irrational reason it fills me with dread. Thank goodness Dominos have an online order service. As a side note I used to work at a call centre. My job was to call strangers. I lasted 3 and a half weeks.

3) Remember my house keys 

The responsibility of getting your first set of house keys was a big’un. Then there was the pressure of not losing them and remembering to pack them when you went out. So you didn’t end up sitting on your doorstep for hours on end with nothing to do as Instagram wasn’t invented yet. I lock myself out every once in a while. Even with Instagram, it’s still not fun.

4) Know my limits when drinking

Don’t get me wrong, I am so much better now than an 18 year old Marcella was. I now know that downing a bottle of Rosé probably isn’t the best idea. Despite this, I still seem to be surprised when I wake up with a banging headache after a large glass of Merlot with dinner followed by, 2 Porn Star Martinis, 2 double gin and tonics, a shot of tequila and a pint (because I’m starting to run out of money and beer is usually the cheapest option). Mind you, it’s even more of a surprise NOT to wake up with a hangover once you’re over the age of 21.

5) Go to an event without asking my besties what they are wearing

Even though we haven’t had the same style since we were 14 years old, if we are going out for someone’s birthday, I need to know whether it is a dress and heels or jeans and a nice top kinda situation. 

6) Have a savings account 

So last year I had every intention of starting a savings account. I joined a new bank, got a shiny new card and PIN number. All I had to do was put some money into the account before the end of the year. Even just £1. I didn’t. The account was closed. Time to try again this year.

7) Go to sleep at a reasonable hour 

But I only have 3 episodes of Black Mirror left so I might as well power through. Even though it’s nearly 2am. And I have an alarm set for 7am tomorrow.

Marcella x


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