Why we need to change the way we look at success

We live in an age where no success is big enough. If we reach our goal, instead of celebrating it, we think we need to achieve something bigger and better. And thanks to social media, we are always made well aware, that someone has achieved more than we have, in a shorter space of time. So we feel the need to push ourselves, and not pause to think about what we have already accomplished. Instead, we strive for MORE MORE MORE.

I have always been a dreamer, and although some of these dreams may have been adjusted over the years, the sky is still the limit and I will not stop reaching for my goals until I have to. You don’t know unless you try, eh?

But just because I’ve not accomplished everything yet, that doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate the progress I’ve already made. If we forget to champion the smallest milestone, we are left feeling unfulfilled and disappointed. We start to feel as though we have failed, when in reality we are achieving and growing all the time. With no success being big enough and the ongoing pressure to hit the next goal, are we just preventing ourselves from feeling happy with our current accomplishments?

As I mentioned before, we live in a world where it is very easy to directly compare ourselves to others. It is human nature to do this amongst our friends and family, but it is still super destructive. But instead of a small group to compare ourselves to, we have hundreds of friends on Facebook and follow hundreds of people on Instagram who are seemingly doing “better”. Firstly, social media can be VERY misleading, as you are only sharing exactly what you want to. My Instagram feed makes it look like I spend every evening at fancy restaurants sipping on cocktails when actually a jacket potato and binging on a Netflix series is probably more accurate. We know comparison is the killer of joy, but it can also prevent us from progressing and succeeding.

In a Simon Sinek talk I found on YouTube, he spoke about one of secrets to being successful is to only try and outdo YOURSELF. YOU should be your only competition. Then every time you have achieved a little more than you have before, you can see that you are already succeeding. And then you can enjoy the process of getting closer to your dreams rather than feeling like your hard work isn’t paying off. No two people are the same and neither are their journeys.

We shouldn’t expect to be the best every single day, but we should celebrate the little wins on the way to achieving our ultimate goal. Start being your own cheerleader and realise that actually, you are doing a bloody good job already!

What is the point in “success” if it leaves you feeling empty and like you are not enough. Because you are enough. You are more than enough. YOU GOT THIS.

Marcella x


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