I Bought The First (And Only) Property I Viewed

For anyone who doesn’t know me, I would say there are very much two sides to me. The side that writes a list every morning, meal plans and gets thrown off if someone changes the restaurant we are eating in last minute. And then there is the other half of my personality which is far more spontaneous. I quit jobs without a clear plan of what I’m going to do next (pre-mortgage obvs) and book last minute holidays to Ibiza.

The latter seemed to be the side of me which clearly took over my entire body when I viewed my flat in January, so much so that the list maker side didn’t get a look in.

A few months ago I was watching one of those abroad property shows (which I actually despise although I’m not sure why, anyone else?!), and a woman was convinced she didn’t need to see any more properties after viewing one Spanish apartment. I commented to my boyfriend about how ridiculous she was as there could be something better on the market, before pausing and realising that I had done the same thing. With zero regrets. I knew I had made the right decision and at this point we hadn’t even moved in.

So let me take you back. Not to January when I viewed my apartment (my official address says apartment not flat, so yes I am going to be bougiee and say that), but to last summer.

For a while my boyfriend and I had spoken about moving in together and knew we wanted to use a shared ownership scheme to get us onto the property ladder, but we hadn’t really done a lot of research.

I never thought I wanted to live in the area where I’d grown up. I always assumed I’d move away. But my job meant it was a sensible location and my boyfriend also really liked the area so that was our starting point.

A set of new build flats (ahem, apartments, ahem) immediately caught our eye, but when we looked online last summer, all the properties in our price range had been snapped up. It seemed as though the pipe dream was over. But whenever I imagined buying my first home, I still pictured it there.

The first Friday in January came around and I had made a decision that I wanted to move out before my birthday in early May. People thought I was a little optimistic (crazy) but I felt strangely confident.

A couple of the one bedroom flats in the place we were originally looking at last summer were now available in our price range. It felt like it was meant to be. We half heartedly applied to a couple more viewings but had already basically written them off. (And spoiler alert, I didn’t go to any other viewings.)

The viewing was a couple of weeks later, the day my boyfriend had an operation, so he was unable to come. So it was just me, (and my mum as I knew she would stop me from making any crazy decisions) after a night of pretty much no sleep, a 5am start and spending the day at hospital with my boyfriend.

We were shown two apartments in the building. Both were pretty much identical apart from the layout of one mirrored the other. When I stepped into my now home, I knew. I could see this being the place becoming ours.

My boyfriend hadn’t even seen it apart from a poor FaceTime as the signal was awful and a few photos, but he had the same feeling as me/is clearly VERY trusting.

I would like to say and the rest is history but in reality the next few months were pretty stressful. Nearly not getting a mortgage, a lot of waiting, a lot of signing documents and being told horror stories if you don’t get life insurance. But that is a whole other blog post.

But here we are, 4 months since we moved into the only home we ever wanted. Although there have been a lot of issues, drama and stress, it is the perfect first home for us and everything I dreamed of last summer when we first seriously discussed it. To some people it won’t seem like much, but it is just right for us.

Our decision may appear impulsive or rushed, but in our heads we always wanted to live here so it felt more like a plan had just come together.

I don’t know if I would recommend buying the first place you see, but when you know you know. It’s a bit like a relationship. When you get that feeling you have to take a punt rather than shopping around when you’re pretty sure that you already have everything you ever wanted right in front of you.

Let me know if you want to know more about becoming a home owner, shared ownership or any general first home stuff as I am happy to share/help as much as I can. If I know the answers that is. Some stuff still baffles me…

Marcella x


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