6 Ways You Can Show Your Mum that they are a rockstar (without having an A-Lister budget)

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My mum is quite literally a magical superhero. She uses her powers of making things appear in places you have looked in 5 times, (and you are SURE that there was nothing there before) as well as mind reading skills so she can always detect when there is something wrong. And you would think she must have spent a few years studying at Hogwarts if you tasted her pasta dishes, as they are just magic.

Now you might think that marvellous beings of this calibre would require huge gestures to show them your thanks and appreciation. But for these super people, it’s the little things which mean the most.

1- A card from the heart

I’m old fashioned and have always loved giving and receiving cards. It’s a keepsake of a particular moment in which the person giving the card has taken the time to choose it and write what’s inside, making it all the more special. MyPostcard allows you to make it even more personal by adding your own photos to a huge variety of Mother’s Day card templates which will guarantee to put a smile on their face (or perhaps bring a tear to their eye).

This can be particularly special if your mum doesn’t live nearby as with MyPostcard you can send a card from wherever you are to anywhere in the world. So even if you’re having the time of your life travelling, you can still show your mum that you are thinking about her on Mother’s Day.

Create your own Mother’s Day card with MyPostcard here.

2- Cook them a meal

As I’ve already mentioned, my mum is Queen of the kitchen. But do you know what they love even more than having a household with full and happy tummies? A night off from cooking!

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy (head to the recipe section of my blog for some simple but tasty things to cook), but making that little bit of effort will go a long way. Set the table, pour them a glass of wine and enjoy a meal you have made for her together.

3- Plan a movie night in

The cinema is fun, but curling up on the sofa with all the blankets, snacks and your favourite classic rom com is even better. No annoying teenagers chatting, no heavily air-conned cinema giving you frostbite, but instead enough room to spread out your legs and Prosecco in the fridge within walking distance.

4- Make your own afternoon tea

If you are more of a baker than a chef, an afternoon tea could be a fab way to spend the afternoon with your number one person. Not only can you flex your skills to produce culinary delights, but you can also get creative, making a cute table setting.

And instead of leaving that one cucumber sandwich you’re not a fan of, you can scrap sandwiches altogether and make your favourite savoury nibbles. You can perfectly tailor it to include all of your mum’s favs.

5- A bunch of her favourite flowers

Anyone can buy flowers, but you know the particular blooms that will make her smile. Scrap the huge commercial bouquets and instead treat her to a simple bunch of her favourite flowers. That way every time she looks at them, she will know that it was a personal gift from the heart.

6- A great adventure outdoors

One of my favourite things to do with my mum is to go for a long walk and just talk (and probably get lost!). If it’s a sunny day take advantage of it and either head on a country walk, to the coast, or to Notting Hill and find your perfect dream house. Spending time together is something money can’t buy.

Mums really do deserve the world, but all they really want is for you to show them that you care. A little gesture this Mother’s Day will go a long way.

Marcella x


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