21 Things You Never Thought You’d Hear Until Lockdown

1- Shall I spend my Friday night cleaning the bathroom or doing a puzzle?

2- What day is it?

3- Carol Baskin definitely murdered her husband.

4- Shall I bake some more banana bread?

5- 2.05pm on a Tuesday is a reasonable time for a glass of wine.


7- 1.15pm on a Thursday is a reasonable time for a beer.

8- Did you know there is not enough alcohol in vodka to sanitise your hands?

9- The cheapest yoga mat I can find costs £150.

10- Better sit down to watch the Prime Minster on TV.

11- I can’t wait to go for a run.

12- They’ve sold out of eggs.

13- 12.01pm on a Friday is a reasonable time for a cider.

14- I can’t remember what jeans feel like.

15- I just spent 20 minutes making a whipped coffee I saw on the internet.

16- Should I bleach my hair or cut myself a fringe?

17- I ate a weeks worth of snacks in 45 minutes.

18- Did you see the queue to get into Sainsbury’s?

19- Shall we learn a TikTok dance?

20- I better change out of my day pjs into my evening ones.

21- 9am on a Saturday is a reasonable time for a bucks fizz. It is the weekend after all. Oh wait, is it Wednesday?

Marcella x


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