9 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas (At Home)

Although your V Day plans might be a little different to the normal fancy restaurants and candlelit bars, that doesn’t mean it has to be any less romantic. This year you can take the pressure off wearing you sexiest dress and freezing to death in the the Antarctic British weather conditions. At home you can wack up the heating and look your best, or trade in the dress all together for some pjs in the comfort of your own living room.

Whether you are into celebrating the day or just fancy doing something a little bit different (lockdown is getting pretty repetitive now), here are some fun ideas of activities you can do with your partner.

1) Cocktail making

Get in some spirits, fancy mixers and all the extras to decorate your cocktails with and release your inner bartender skills. It can be a fun activity to do together, or you can take it in turns to come up with your own inventions. Unlike when you get a drink made for you at a bar, you can adjust them to your personal taste and not have to worry about getting the last train home.

2) Home spa

Spas are a great (but often an expensive) Valentine’s Day activity, so why not have your own spa night at home? Massages, face masks, a candlelit bubble bath with rose petals and champagne. Maybe even splash out and get some new dressing gowns for the full spa experience. 

3) Cheese and wine night

Get a bottle of fancy red, a selection of cheese and crackers (and any other tasty bits you fancy), light some candles and you will have instantly transformed your living room into a quiet bar in Paris. To fully immerse yourself into the secluded European bar vibes, pop on Sky Scenes to transport you to whichever city you like.

4) Fancy restaurant at home

We don’t have many opportunities to get dressed up at the moment, so use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to have a black tie event at home! Order in some food from somewhere a little bit different to really mark the occasion. Or just get Nando’s again and eat it in your floor length dress and heels because why the hell not?! No need to worry if it rains as you won’t need to go outside apart from collecting your dinner from the delivery driver. 

5) Cosy home cinema

We all love going to a cinema with beanbags, quirky cocktails and a classic film. So bring this set-up into your living room. If you have a sofa bed, open it up, if you have a projector use it, and if you just have a laptop, light all the candles/fairy lights to make it cosy AF. Get all your fav snacks, blankets and cushions, put on some comfy clothes and snuggle up with your favourite person.

6) Games night

The last year spent mostly at home often means that one day rolls into the next. But doing a different activity can be a good giggle and can make a nice change from yet another evening of Netflix. Pour yourself some drinks and you will feel as if you are at one of those quirky bars which have board games.

7) Brunch

This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, so you may want to start the celebrations earlier if your have to get up at 7am on Monday. Instead of a fancy dinner, you can go all out for brunch. You can see if any local restaurants deliver something delicious or make your own. Pancakes and waffles are always delicious, or even go all out with a full English. Make the table look pretty, make some mimosas or even turn it into a bottomless event if you fancy getting a little boozy. Breakfast in bed is also another strong option.

8) Cook something special

This can be an activity to do together or you could take it in turns to do a course each and release your inner chef. If you are no Gordon Ramsey, but still fancy the romantic gesture of making a home cooked meal, order from somewhere like Pasta Evangelists where you can get fresh pasta and the accompanying sauces delivered to your door. Pop it in a pan, and you’ll feel like Nigella with no need to use the “meecrowavay”.

9) Supermarket dine in meals

And finally the classic, supermarket dine in deals. Always a strong option. 3 courses, some drink thrown in, all at an affordable price. You don’t have to wait for a takeaway which will inevitably be busier on V Day, and instead you can pop your food in the oven as soon as you get hungry. Lay the table and let the supermarkets do the work. 

What are your plans this Valentine’s Day?

Marcella x


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