To Shave or Not to Shave? Is the Estrid razor subscription worth the hype?

This post is sponsored by Estrid, but all views, thoughts and musings are my own.

To shave or not to shave that is the question, or at least it should be. I’m a firm believer that women should feel comfortable enough to make that choice. That is why I am super excited to review Estrid, a razor company who champion female choice on body hair.

When we do choose to shave, we want to be using the best product possible to make us feel great. Shaving is my preferred choice of hair removal as it’s just so convenient and easy. But quite often, getting a decent razor comes with a hefty price tag and I only ever seem to remember that I need a new one the day I go to use it. Why do our brains work like that?

This was the first thing that drew me to Estrid. A subscription service with no strings attached. My boyfriend has his own razor subscription service as do many of my male friends. So I was looking forward to trying one designed for women.

The razor itself is like no other I’ve previously used. Forget the usual disposable plastic products, as this heavy metal handle feels worth every (very reasonably priced) penny. It’s made to last and comes with a wall mount to keep you razor from sitting in the pool of shower gel at the edge of your bath. And tbh you want to display your razor with pride, as it comes in a range of aesthetic AF colours and has a sleek and simple design. Although make sure you stick it to a dry mirror or tiled surface or you will have an almighty shock when the metal handle comes crashing down.

When it comes to actually using the razor, it delivers a close, smooth but gentle shave with its vegan blade (did you know that some blades aren’t vegan?!) with hydrated strips made out of aloe vera and shea butter.

There is a reason you see this razor everywhere and why so many champion it. Because once you’ve tried it, like me, you will be saying goodbye to your previous plastic handled razor days.

The starter kit is only £7.95 which includes the handle colour of your choice, 2 cartridges and a wall holder along with plus tips and tricks on how to care for your razor. A small price tag if you want to see what the fuss is about.

So when I do choose to shave (because this certainly isn’t everyday) I want something which leaves my skin feeling fab and the Estrid razor does just that.

Plus she’s hella cute.

Marcella x

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