Let’s stop hating on Valentine’s Day

For some reason, there is so much hate on a day which is meant to celebrate love. Okay, so not everyone is in a happy relationship, but since when is it okay to hate on other people’s happiness?! When someone gets a job, we don’t immediately start moaning about how we don’t have a new job and why should they be so smug with it! That would just be mean!

And okay, the true meaning of Valentine’s Day (as with Christmas, Easter, birthdays etc) has become very commercialised, but that doesn’t stop us from buying our nearest and dearest a birthday card and going out to celebrate it!

We shouldn’t need to have a day  put aside to tell our partners how much we love them and go for a meal together. But in reality, most of us live very busy lives. A few of my best friends have long distant relationships, so they don’t have the luxury of spending time with their partners whenever they like. My boyfriend and I work odd shift patterns and rarely have a day off together so the a catch up at 10pm at night is often all our schedules allow. So having a day to celebrate a relationship is a special opportunity. Especially if you don’t have a set anniversary, then why not?!

I’m not saying you have to book the swankiest restaurant in London or send your loved one a 100 red roses to prove your love! But spending a couple of pounds on a card and putting pen to paper to write a short message saying you love someone can mean so much.

And if you’re single, you are NOT alone! I have spent sooo many Valentine’s Days as a single person. And yeah, it is easy to feel jealous of those in their seemingly perfect relationships. But if you have family and friends who love you and more importantly you love yourself then


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