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I recently purchased one of Lush’s Gorilla Perfumes : Lust. This fragrance is full of jasmine and vanilla absolute (amongst many other b-e-a-utiful notes) making it just the right level of sweet without being too overpowering. The jasmine makes this perfume very sensual and seductive (hence the very appropriate name, Lust) so I have reaching for this when I’ve been going out in the evenings and on date nights. You don’t need to use much for the gorgeous scent to radiate from your body and it lasts SO well. I also love the variety of sizes it comes in : 10ml, 30ml, 100ml as well as a 12g solid perfume which is only £7!! Say whaaaat?! I opted for the 30ml bottle but I will be investing in the solid form very soon too! Although immediately the scent may not be as strong as using a few spritz of the liquid form, the solid fragrance is able to seep deep into your skin and last effectively. I also think this is the perfect way to take perfume with you out and about! If I use my bottle of perfume before a night out, I often like topping it up if I am dancing the night away in a bar in London (I wish my weekends were as exiting as this, but generally consist of a PLL marathon and a bubble bath). But no one wants to cram a glass bottle into their clutch! The tiny pot, the size of a lip balm is perfect for stashing away next to your lippy and ID!

Gorilla Perfume have so many gorgeous fragrances suitable for EVERYONE! All of the perfumes are inspired by art, music and poetry with different stories behind them, making them so much more special than your standard fragrance.

Which Gorilla Perfumes have you tried out? Let me know what your fav fragrances are!

Marcella x




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