10 things to cheer you up if you’re having bad day

1- Aged 27, Meryl Streep was told she was too ugly to act in King Kong. To date, she has been nominated for TWENTY Academy Awards, more than any other actress or actor in history. Haters gonna hate.

2- A glass of Skinny Prosecco has less calories than a banana. If that isn’t winning, I don’t know what is.

3- Cows have best friends and they become stressed when separated. You are not the only one who misses your bestie when you’re apart.

4- There is an adult ball pit in London which is set on an LED dance floor and you can drink cocktails there which are named after planets. What a time to be alive!

5- The people who voiced Mickey and Minnie Mouse got married in REAL LFE! True love DOES exist!

6- Do you remember when you said you couldn’t live without someone and then they went and broke your heart. Look at you now, you walking, talking, ALIVE being! If you got through that, you can get through today.

7- Go on Facebook and have a look at your first profile picture…

8- You don’t have to do PE on a Wednesday afternoon in antarctic weather conditions anymore.

9- Some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet… pretty exciting eh?!

10- And if none of these things have cheered you up, here is a little story for you. This little guy called Popeye, was a stray dog with no one to love him. Now, he has a loving family and is a ‘food connoisseur’ and Instagram celeb! How can you NOT smile at that face!


Keep smiling guys!

Marcella x



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