The best thing I’ve bought this year

 So technically I bought it on 31st December 2016, but the title The best thing I bought on the last day of last year didn’t quite have the same ring to it. So sorry about lying in the title, but it was less than 24 hours until 2017 so that’s basically the same thing right?

ANYWAY, I bought it to use this year, and I’m so glad I did.

I first saw the small and elegant One Line A Day ‘A five year memory book’ in August last year. I said to myself I was going to buy it before the year was out and document every day with a sentence or two for the next five years, starting January 1st 2017.

Each page is a day, with space for five entries (five years). You can write the date at the top of each entry, so there is no rule to which year you start. You could also begin on any day in any month.

As, I mentioned, I started it at the beginning of 2017 (#NewYearNewMe and all that) and unlike trying to force myself to go to the gym in January, when in reality it is far too cold, and eat healthily, when there is still a tin of Quality Street lying around, this new habit actually stuck.

I love this book because it has not only allowed me to reflect on both good and bad days, but more importantly how I move forward from them. I’m always excited to document a good day; the amazing holidays as well as unexpected days full of special little moments which made me smile. And these little moments can often amount to bigger things. Those little mid-week chats with your best friend in Starbucks, or that decision to start something new, may in fact change your life. Crazy, eh?

And there are the bad days. The most awful days in our life we never forget. But then there are days when we just feel sad, and we often try to brush them under the carpet. The days where we doubt ourselves or compare ourselves to our friends. Or when you wake up and just feel a bit rubbish and you don’t know why. Sometimes that day turns into days, and sometimes even into weeks.

But they don’t last. And the beauty of this little book is that although I can see the days which aren’t the best, I can also see how they come to an end, and are sometimes followed by some of my favourite days. And this can also be said for the other way round. I might be floating on cloud nine on Tuesday and then land with an almighty thump on Saturday. Nothing is permanent and looking back over it, helps me to remember that.

And I will notice this more over the years as I continue to document a snippet of each day. Being able to directly compare them and see what they bring. Maybe even notice patterns. Maybe an unimportant day or even a bad one in 2017 could end up being the best day of your life in 3 years time. You never know.

So the main reason why I love this little diary, is because it has given me perspective. To appreciate the good and remember that the bad won’t last forever.

Marcella x

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