11 ways to make January a little less blue

Today is “Blue Monday”, but the post-Christmas January slump can get us all feeling a little down. The days are short and dark, and everyone seems to be on a healthy eating/dry January vibe and you feel guilty and unmotivated as you eat the left-over Christmas chocolate and pour yourself your  second glass of wine.

Let’s not wish away the year (as much as I dream about summer days drinking Pimms in a pub garden) as once the time has gone, we can’t get it back.

But if you’re not feeling your best, here a few ways to lift your mood.

1- Make some plans with your favourite people

Everyone has got those people in their lives who always manage to make you smile, even when you’re having one of the worst days. Whether that’s your mum, partner or best mate, send them a message and make a plan. And you never know, they might even need cheering up more than you.

2- Wack on your fav lippy

It’s a cliché, but how you feel on the outside can reflect how you’re feeling on the inside. So set your alarm 15 minutes earlier and actually put a bit of effort into your make-up, and if you are feeling really crazy, maybe even brush your hair. And if you don’t feel better, at least you know you look good.

3- Put on your fluffiest dressing gown

I’m one of those people, who regardless of what time of day it is, will come home and instantly put on my dressing gown. Sometimes it will be over the outfit I’m wearing and other times, I’ll go all the way and put on some cosy pjs and slippers too. But a dressing gown is basically a hug without any human contact needed.

 4- Go for dinner at a bargain price

I know we are all pretty skint in January but pretty much all chain restaurants have a deal on at the mo and a lot of them have 50% off. Personally food makes me very happy and cheap food makes me ecstatic, so that’s a winner in my opinion.


You heard me. All ten seasons of the best TV show EVER is on Netlfix. That’s the best news I’ve had all year.

6- Get planning

A fresh new year with no plans… well what a time to make some! Get out those 2018 travel guides and start planning your trips for the year. Exciting times are coming!

7- Have a cuppa

I sound ridiculously British here, but often a good cup of tea can make you feel a whole lot better. And if you don’t like a good ol’ builders tea, make a fruit tea or hot chocolate. Take some time out and pour yourself a hot drink to warm your soul.

8- Organise a night in

Going out can be overrated, overpriced and just a lot of effort tbh. So avoid facing the rain and freezing cold winds and spending £14 on a double vodka and lemonade BECAUSE LONDON. Instead, plan a pj party with your best mate. I’m talking blankets, a bottle of wine and watching Notting Hill.

9- Exercise

There is nothing like a killer workout to get the endorphins pumping around the body. And if the thought of the gym makes you feel miserable to your very core, do something else active. Take a dance class with your best mate or see if you can have a game of badminton at your local leisure centre. And if you aren’t physically up to exercising, even just going for a short walk can do you the world of good. It’s amazing what getting moving can do for your mind as well as keeping you fit and healthy.

10- Run yourself a bath

Baths are my answer to pretty much anything. Feeling stressed? Have a bath. Sore muscles? Have bath. Bad day? Have a bath. I like to go all out (because I’m extra) and light some candles and treat myself to a bath bomb or lots of bubbles. Sometimes I listen to music in the bath, or watch something on my iPad (don’t panic it is nowhere near the water) and it helps to chill me out and help my worries float away.

11- Feel proud of yourself

It doesn’t have to be because you’ve had the most productive day of your life or because you’ve changed the world overnight. If you made it to the gym after work today, or finally did a wardrobe clear out you’ve been putting off for months, or if you just made it out of bed today, you’re doing okay. Start celebrating small personal achievements. It may not seem like a big deal to anyone else, but you should feel proud of yourself.

And if all else fails, follow Doug the Pug on Instagram. He puts a smile on my face in seconds.

Marcella x





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