13 things you need to do to instantly enrich your life

  1. Follow Will Smith on Instagram. Not only is he hilarious, but his Instagram stories often contain insightful messages which help to put life into perspective. What a great guy. All the way from West Philadelphia, born and raised… I’ll stop now. The song is already in your head. Even if you don’t follow him, your life is already a little better from hearing that song.
  2. Read The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**K. Pretty self explanatory. Does what it says on the tin.
  3. Cut out toxic people from your life. Unfortunately we can’t control the people we work with, but we can choose the people we see in our spare time. So don’t waste it on people who make you doubt yourself or bring you down.
  4. Which leads me to surround yourself with like-minded people. These people will get you. They will inspire you. They will motivate you. These are type of people you want in your life.
  5. Unfollow people on social media who make you feel bad about yourself. Fitness Instagramers can be great for motivating you to stay healthy. But some, as amazing as their rock hard abs and perky bums are, can make you feel guilty for eating an entire sharing bag of Minstrels and drinking a glass of wine in the comfort of pjs. But you should not feel guilty for living your best life. YOU DO YOU!
  6. Watch Simon Sinek on YouTube. If you haven’t heard of “starting with the why”, you will soon have your eyes opened and feel motivated and inspired. After watching 3 videos I was like HELL YEAH I’M GONNA BE A GIRL BOSS.
  7. Do something which scares you. If something make you feel nervous or anxious, you will be filled with adrenaline as you overcome the fear and face it head on. Afterwards, you will feel incredible. If you can tackle the thing that is making you feel most on edge, everything else in your day will feel a hell of a lot easier.
  8. Create a playlist on your favourite songs. I’ve created a Spotify playlist of songs which no matter how bad a mood I’m in, I can’t help but sin along, and have a boogie. Music can hugely affect your mood, so have some songs at the ready which are going to make you get up and dance!
  9. Do something for someone else. I’m not talking about people in your life, like friends and family, as chances are, you’re doing that already. And that is great, but instead do something for someone you don’t know. It doesn’t even have to be something big. Buy a homeless person a cup of tea or a sandwich. Buy a Big Issue every now and then. These are small gestures, but they will benefit someone else and help you to feel good inside and appreciate what you already have.
  10. Take a deep breath. We’ve been given this bit of advice since we were toddlers and when we would get into a state. Low and behold once we did this, we started to feel better. It works. Do it more often.
  11. Temporarily delete apps from your phone. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram are something we use as distractions. From being productive, to dealing with a situation which you’d rather avoid. Hold them down and click that little “x” until you’ve completed what needs to be done. Then resume aimlessly scrolling at your own will.
  12. Watch Derren Brown’s The Push. He is challenging human behaviour again. This time by making us consider social compliance. Could someone go as far as pushing someone off a building? Watch it on Netflix to find out…
  13. Pick up a book. I’ve already given you one recommendation if you’re not sure what you want to start with, but reading can give your mind a magical escape which nothing else quite can. Bring it with you on your dreaded 2 hour train journey, and watch the time fly by. It will get your mind working and get you away from looking at the screen of your phone/TV/iPad/laptop.

I hope after trying some of these things, your life feels a little more enriched. If not, you’ve got a new Netflix recommendation at the very least.

Marcella x


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