9 things I don’t get the hype about

1) Swimming costumes with the stomach cut out

Maybe it’s because I don’t have a super flat stomach or a six pack carved by the Greek Gods, but I can’t seem to get on board with them. A bikini traditionally works to show more of your body and allow you to get a tan on your stomach. But covering up everything apart from a circle where your your belly button is the centre piece, is something I just don’t quite GET. I also imagine it makes for really weird tan lines.

2) Coleslaw

I don’t mean the gourmet kind you get in a fancy restaurant, but the classic bbq side. I’m not opposed to any of the ingredients it’s made up of. But I just don’t like it, so I think I’ll stick to my burger and sausage at the next summer party.

3) Super feathery eyebrows

Don’t get me wrong overly drawn on eyebrows which look like they have been applied with a sharpie is not my cup of tea. However, I’ve seen a lot of MUA’s Instagram pages featuring super huge eyebrows where each individual hair has been clearly separated and groomed to the max. Brushing through eyebrows with a spoolie for a natural effect, yes. Eyebrows which look like they could have come straight from a bird’s feather, not so much.

4) Geordie Shore still being aired on TV

Back in the day I was a HUGE Geordie Shore fan. The days of Vicky and Ricky and Gaz and Charlotte being in an on/off relationship, while they drunkenly fell over in the nightclubs of Newcastle, made for very entertaining telly. But 7 years on, and you can barely tell the cast apart as they all have the same plastic surgeon, while the originals are off having babies. Think it’s time to call it a day. I’m bored of Bijou.

5) Skinny sunglasses

The ’90s trend has made a comeback but I can’t quite get on board with it. Granted they make a great Insta photo balanced at the end of your nose whilst seductively looking over them. But if you wear them as ACTUAL sunglasses with the function to PROTECT AND SHADE YOUR EYES FROM THE SUN, you look like you’ve stepped off the set of The Matrix. I don’t really see the point in buying a pair of sunglasses just for a photo and having to swap them for a big old classic pair to actually be able to see where you are going on holiday.

*One week later goes on PLT website and orders a pair. Gotta do it for the ‘gram.*

6) Harry Styles as a heart throb

Before any hardcore fans come and lynch me, I can appreciate him as a singer, but I just can’t see him as a sex symbol. He might only be a year younger than me, but I think he still looks like a teenager. I guess he’s “cute” but I cannot get my head around the fact he’s higher on Glamour’s Sexiest Man of The Year 2018  list than Ryan Reynolds and David Beckham.

7) Bras in the house

I will have barely opened my front door and my bra will already be off. If I don’t have to wear one when I go out, even better. How some women sleep in them is baffling to me.

8) Orphan Black

So many people have hyped about this series and I did give it a good go but I just can’t get into it. I think I watched the whole first season and even started the second, but had to call it a day (particularly when I found out old seasons of Love Island were also on Netflix). I can’t work out if I couldn’t get into the story or, as great as the lead actress was, her awful “British” accent was just too bad for me to cope with.

9) Appetite suppressant lollipops

There has been a lot of controversy on social media over this latest fad promoted by Kim K. Judge away, but I’ve always followed the Kardashians. However, this was a very irresponsible move for one of the most influential celebrities alive, encouraging poor nutrition and could possibly contribute to developing an eating disorder. Aside from this, that is defo NOT how Kim achieves her body. When you have that much money, anything is possible. Aside from this, I personally LOVE eating. Food is one of the greatest joys in life, so why would I want to suppress that fun in any way. Hand me another slice of pizza.

Marcella x


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