Why I don’t have one niche and I don’t mind

When you are about 5 years old, you first get asked: ‘what would you like to be when you grow up’. My peers at school would have a variety of answers from astronauts to police to princesses. I always said I didn’t know, but in hindsight I just don’t think that I had one answer.

GCSE and A Level options lead you on to selecting a further education choice with the aim to get you a career in that field. But what if there is more than one thing you want to do in your life?

The older I get the more interests and passions I have.

I’m like that with pretty much everything in life. I don’t pigeon-hole myself into categories. I have an eclectic taste in films and music and I guess that filters into my career aspirations too.

This can come across as being flakey or being a quitter. But quite the contrary, I need to be extra focussed to try and balance the effort and energy I place into all of my career goals. And I have learnt the skill of resting instead of quitting. Know when you need to take a step back and place your attention on something else. Tunnel vision can prevent you from reaching your full potential which may be in other arenas.

But equally, if you want to quit and try something else, THEN WHY THE HELL NOT. It is your life, and as long as you can financially support yourself, why not try something entirely new. I love learning, and any opportunity to try something different is something I’m eager to do.

Throughout education you are encouraged to take a single career path and have one “thing” you’re good at. When I was training in musical theatre, I struggled to find my strength in a single discipline which lots of my peers clearly had. I wasn’t overwhelming talented at one thing, I could just do them all reasonably well. When I would often fret to my boyfriend at the time that I couldn’t see a clear cut career path for myself, he would say, ‘don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll find your niche.’

But I’ve come to the realisation that some of us don’t have a niche. We don’t necessarily excel or favour one particular part of our jobs as we like to experience it all.

Variety is the spice of life, and whatever sets your soul on fire, I believe you should try and pursue. Don’t let others judge you for your choices, just as you wouldn’t dream of judging them for staying in the same career for 20 years. If they have found their ‘thing’ then good for them. BUT YOU DO YOU. And if you is 7 different things then go and do them all.

Marcella x

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