Hello Twenty-Six

I become all New Years’s Eve-like just before my birthday. I’ve always seen my birthday as my own personal new year. So obvs I’m reflective and all that jazz (and expect a glass of bubbly at midnight).

I’ve mentioned this in a previous blog post, but I don’t like to look at a year as being all good or all bad. Even a day can be filled with peeks and troughs, but it is what you take from these experiences that can help you to grow. But as years go, 25 was in fact a pretty fab one for me. I learnt to drive, I bought my first flat and my health improved so much. Yeah, there were definitely some tougher times too which really tested me, but I did something I hadn’t really done before and started putting myself first.

But even more importantly than these big goals, I started to find happiness in the little things. Although the big things like moving into my own home made me hella happy, so did the small things. I began to try out this whole Law of Attraction thing, and the more I started to appreciate and feel thankful for the things I already had in my life, more good things seemed to come my way. Or maybe this positive and grateful outlook just allowed me to realise the good things which were coming my way from the start, but I had never stopped to appreciate them before now.

So here I am, closer to 30 than I am 20, but I’m embracing 26 with open arms. As you get older, it really does get better. I feel more myself each year and with that I can do more of what I want and cut out the rubbish stuff. I am a little more selfish but apparently that’s what being in your twenties is all about. Working out what makes you happy allows you to be the best version of yourself. It sounds kinda ruthless but actually self love is so important as how can you love someone else if you don’t even love yourself?

I have a few ‘birthday resolutions’, but I think my main one for 26 will be to live in the moment. It was my best friend’s birthday the other day and as we chatted at lunch over a bellini about what we want from the next year of our lives, she mentioned this and I thought it was such a good resolution that I copied it. (Cheers Mel.)

On the table next to us there were four older people. When I embarrassed my friend by asking the waiter to put a candle in her brownie (and he awkwardly sang happy birthday to her) they wished her a happy birthday and asked how old she was. One woman said that she wished she could go back to 26. She also said that she met the man sitting next to her (presumably her partner) when she was 26. So that made me think how much I need to enjoy this moment in my life. To really make the most of it. Maybe something life changing will happen like it potentially did for that woman? And maybe not, but nevertheless here and now is the time I need to be enjoying.

I am guilty of putting so much focus on my goals and all that I want to have that I forget to stop and appreciate what I already have. How once upon a time everything I have now is what I would have wanted. Past me would see current me as living the dream. So while I’m chasing my future dreams, I want to remember that I’m already living one right now. And often when you look back at the good old days, you realise that at the time you had no idea they would be remembered as that. Maybe you’re actually living the ‘good old days’ of the future at this very moment.

So here I go, one step closer to the big 30 and enjoying every minute of it. And eating all my fruit and veg. And doing yoga. And drinking enough water and getting enough sleep. Because I’m getting older now so that stuff is important too. And knowing that a night in often trumps a night out. Hello twenty-six.

Marcella x


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