7 Ways to Make your new house feel like a new home (without breaking the bank)

Moving house is one of the most expensive things you will EVER do. And as much as you might like your new place to immediately look like the home decor photos you’ve been lusting over on Pinterest with only The White Company homeware, this may be a little over budget. Perhaps you know what sort of things you’d like to get but aren’t sure of the exact pieces you want to buy or the colour scheme you’re going to go with.

I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing. I’ve heard lots of stories of people who had bought tons of stuff to pimp out their new home, but after six months, they decided to scrap the lot as it didn’t really match the way they had imagined it (plus MADE.com has a huge sale which is an entirely different vibe to all your current furniture but you don’t want to miss out on a good deal).

But you still want your new abode to feel like home. And there are some things worth spending the money on and other things which can be more of a work in progress. And then there are the little things which can really make your new place feel like your own.

1. Little bedroom touches

Quite quickly after moving in, most of our flat felt like home, apart from our bedroom. I think your bedroom is the most personal room in the house. It’s not one other people will see as much and can therefore sometimes get overlooked. But it is the room you will ultimately spend the most important time in. It’s where you need to feel relaxed before you go to sleep and the first place you will see when you wake up.

Cushions, throws, candles, fake plants, photos… whatever is going to give it that personal feel which makes it your safe haven.

2. Cushions

Primark has a great affordable selection which can keep you going until you know exactly how you want to design your home. As I mentioned before, they can make a bedroom more cosy, they can add a pop of colour to your living room and also add texture if your home isn’t full of stuff just yet.

Another great thing about cushions is that they can be changed seasonally so you can really embrace autumn/Christmas with some simple affordable furnishings.

3. Lighting

For me, a main light switched on while I’m watching TV is not the vibe. I’m all about mood lighting. Check which lighting you already have as you may have more options than you realise (like a dimmer, kitchen spotlights etc), but a simple lamp can make all the difference.

One of the first purchases we made was a floor lamp. Although this was not the cheapest thing we’ve bought, it has made our living room a cosy place in the evenings. It really does make all the difference once the sun sets.

4. Books

I am a huge book lover and as much as Kindles are taking over the world, you can’t beat the appearance of a classic hardback.

I have a cookbook standing behind my kitchen utensils and a tiny book of quotes on my bedside table and these little touches are barely noticeable but can lift the appearance of an area.

If you have a coffee table, adding a fashion or photography book can make you look 10x cooler than you actually are.

5. Blinds

One of the first things I recommend investing in is blinds. They may not be as cheap as cute cushions but I guarantee they are worth the investment. We got ours from 247 Blinds which were actually a LOT less than I anticipated. They also arrived really quickly after I placed my order. As long as you measure them correctly and are able to put them up yourself, (or know someone kind enough to do it for you) I would defo recommend.

Cupboard boxes and black bin bags covering your windows isn’t really the most homely vibe.

6. Unpack ASAP

Until you are fully unpacked you are going to feel unsettled. Even if things aren’t in the perfect place, a cardboard box (which you have zero recollection of what is inside) lingering in your living room for six months, doesn’t scream home.

Also having all you stuff easily accessible will help you to feel more settled.

7. Organising your cupboards

This may seem like an unusual point as you don’t outwardly see it. But giving everything its own place makes all the difference. When you’re in the kitchen you want to instinctively know where your spices are or where that bowl you always like to use (even though you have five others) is kept.

Making a property a home is about putting your personal stamp on it. A home is a project, not an overnight success, but a few little things can make the world of difference. Cosiness is key in my opinion.

Marcella x


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