Gluten Free Guide To San Antonio, Ibiza

Going away as a coeliac can create a lot of anxiety. Last year, when I had only been diagnosed with coeliac disease a few months prior to my holiday, I lived off a diet of smoothies and chips from my hotel and a drunken gluten free Burger King cheeseburger (which is actually still included in my gf guide because who doesn’t love drunk food?). This was obviously not ideal and left me feeling hungry and craving a bowl of broccoli when I got home.

But this year I managed to have so much more variety and find some really tasty food as well as lining my stomach before going out.

Hotel Abrat

We stayed at this hotel having found a good deal online and read lots of positive reviews. What we didn’t realise was how good the gluten free options were for breakfast.

Separate from the rest of the breakfast food, on its own little table, was a gluten free section. There were three cereals, sweet treats including muffins, little cakes and cookies as well as sliced bread and rolls. All the individual food items were still sealed in their packaging, but even the sliced bread which couldn’t have been further away from the regular bread and cake section if it tried, left me feeling safe knowing there was a very low risk of cross contamination.

There was also an absolutely huge fruit section (again far away from bread etc) and there were gluten free cooked options but I thought best to steer clear as although there were separate tongs for each item of food, it wasn’t worth the risk as a coeliac. The only hot option I went for was baked beans as they were in their own individual large vat with a spoon inside. You could also get a freshly made omlete.

I was anticipating a holiday of yoghurt and fruit for brekkie but I loved the choices and also the opportunity to try new gluten free options which I’ve not seen in the UK.

If you book half board (which was actually the same price as just breakfast when we booked) I would probably give the dinner a miss, as the food options aren’t great and there is no specific gluten free section.

The Golden Buddah

This restaurant was a stone’s throw from our hotel with the most beautiful outside area where you can watch the sunset. We went for a late dinner and it made for a cosy romantic spot near the sea.

They have a separate menu which explains the allergens and when I ordered she doubled checked what my allergy was so that she could pass on that information to the chef.

I opted for the chicken korma which may sound a bit basic, but sometimes you just can’t beat it. I wasn’t disappointed either as it was creamy and full of flavour. I will defo be returning next time I’m in Ibiza to try their thai red curry.

Before we ate at the restaurant we read reviews that said the staff were rude and the service was slow but we had a very different experience. Our waitress was fab and to be honest this was probably the quickest service we received when in Ibiza (which generally operates at a snail’s pace).

Ibiza Rocks Bar

It wouldn’t be a trip to San Antonio without a visit to the infamous Ibiza Rocks Bar.

When we arrived, the waitress gave me a menu which told me what I couldn’t eat (instead of what I could weirdly). When my order was taken they asked me if it was an allergy, which means they understand how serious it can be. Brownie points from me.

I opted for the famous chicken in pitta (obvs with no pitta which is always the funniest thing to order) and potato wedges loaded with a ton of cheese and onion. According to their menu, the only side which isn’t gluten free, is their sweet potato fries but I like that the wedges are cooked in their own little dish so I know that they are safe to eat. And as previously mentioned, they were smothered in cheese, so how could I not order them?

Portions are huge, so are perfect if you are hungry after a day of drinking and dancing at O Beach.

Wiki-Woo Hotel

This Instagram dream was next to our hotel so we thought we would pay it a visit for lunch and also take approx 2423943 photos.

They have gluten free bread so were able to adapt the chicken club for me. We also shared a portion of sweet potato fries which are also completely gluten free. They are made from scratch in their kitchen and fried in a separate fryer. And although they came with a pretty hefty price tag, they were probably the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had.

Not the cheapest of places to eat in, but one of the prettiest.

Skinny Kitchen

We actually ended up eating here three times during our holiday. It’s the kind of food which is wholesome and filling but doesn’t leave you in a food coma where you need to lie down for twenty minutes. This makes it perfect pre-partying food.

They ask if you have any allergies and make you aware it is a shared kitchen so there is a risk of cross contamination (like pretty much everywhere), but there are lots of gluten free options marked on the menu.

I had three different chicken dishes: jerk chicken, chicken satay bowl and chicken and sweet potato. I had a LOT of chicken on this holiday.

They were all totally delicious with tons of flavour as well as some freshness with all the veggies in the food, which was what my body needed in between the high volume of strawberry daiquiris I was consuming.

I need to make a visit to the Angel London branch soon to try the coconut cod curry which sounds super tasty.

Burger King

Well, it had to get a mention didn’t it? You can choose from a hamburger or cheeseburger which is heated up in a plastic packet in the microwave. When you’re drunk it’s the best. You can’t have the fries but that just leaves room for brekkie in the morning.

Cafe Mambo

I read online that this famous spot was able to make lots of their dishes gluten free, but I think this may have applied more to their dinner menu.

I visited for lunch and although my options were quite limited, I still had a tasty meal. I chose the papaya salad which came with carrots, cherry tomatoes, green beans, peanuts (not cashew nuts like the online menu said lol) with a thai dressing and I added prawns (for a pricey €5 extra, but they were AMAZING prawns) and I really enjoyed it. I don’t usually go for salads, but this was fresh and spicy and left me surprisingly content. Not as full as my usual carb heavy meals, but this just meant I had room to go and get an ice-cream afterwards.

I think there are more gf options for dinner but it can get super packed. The upside to going at lunchtime is it’s a lot quieter and we even got a sea view table without booking. They usually have 15% off vouchers if you eat before 5pm which they hand out as you walk past.


Fear not, if you are in need of a quick snack, pretty much every supermarket (even the tiny ones) will have some gluten free crips to keep your hunger at bay while you’re catching some rays by the pool. I find far more Spanish crisps (even the ones with funky flavours) are gluten free than English crisps. They usually have a gluten free sign on the front of the packet but if not, always check the ingredients.

I also love trying all the different gluten free snacks every country has to offer, so keep your eyes peeled. Some supermarkets have their own gluten free section, but some are mixed amongst the other food, so prepare to look.

I also saw a couple of places selling gluten free beer if you want some drinks to keep in your hotel room.

Ibiza Airport

Bet you never thought you’d see an airport on a gluten free guide, but there are a couple of options to stop your stomach from rumbling on the plane home.

If you walk to the very end of the the airport there is a little place called Deli & Cia which not only offer gluten free muffins and treats at their till point but also a HAM AND CHEESE FOCACCIA. If I could buy this in England I SO would. They stick it in the microwave so that the cheese melts inside the rosemary focaccia and it really is quite tasty.

And if that doesn’t take your fancy, there is always Burger King.

I hope this guide is helpful, and if you have any other recommendations let me know, as I’d love to give them a try next time I’m in Ibiza.

Marcella x


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