Gluten free Christmas: M&S

This is the first in a new series of blogs coming weekly for Foodie Friday as Christmas approaches. I will be sharing the different selection of Christmas food which various supermarkets offer, so that us living without gluten can still have the tastiest end to the year.

This week I went to M&S and I was very pleasantly surprised with their selection of festive food.

What I will be buying: party food, crisps, turkey sandwich

What it was missing: biscuits/cookies

Party Food

‘Tis the season for Christmas parties and get-togethers. I was very happy to see that several of the party food options in the “muggle” section of the supermarket was in fact gluten free. Most were labelled with the gluten free symbol on the front making it super clear. I double checked the ingredients of the Spanish pigs in blankets and although they don’t say it on the front, they have no gluten containing ingredients so are also safe to eat.

I’m particularly excited by the mini chicken and garlic kievs which would be a great crowd pleaser at a party as well as the sticky asian style chicken lollipops.

The deal is 4 for the price of 3 so they are perfect for if you are stocking up to host a party, or would be great to bring a few along to cook on your own tray if you’ve been invited to a festive do.

Festive Snacks

All the seasonal crisps I came across were gluten free. From the tortilla stars to the festive flavours including pigs in blankets and black truffle and olive oil crisps (which I will defo be purchasing as they sound heavenly).

Other gluten free snacks include their honey roast parsnip crisps, all of their M&S Collection nuts (including caramelised and roasted, my fav) and intriguing sounding salted caramel tortilla rolls which are half coated in caramel chocolate.

Freezer Food

If you want to stock up on some of your favs, you can get a frozen version of the chicken kievs as well as stuffing and mini Santa hats which could be a good dessert option for people who don’t like Christmas Pudding like me (sorry folks).

Christmas Classics

As I mentioned before, I don’t actually like Christmas pudding and I’m also not a fan of Christmas cake or mince pies. I know, I’m awful, especially when there are so many gluten free options available for these festive favourites. But for those of you who enjoy the classics, M&S have you covered.

I couldn’t yet see my go-to Christmas Day dessert, a chocolate yule log but they did have one last year, so I’m thinking this may be a later addition to the Christmas food range (we have still got a little while to go until the big day after all).

There was also a distinct lack of gf biscuits which are a Christmas staple in my opinion. I like to think they make up half of my diet in the slump between Christmas and New Year along with Camembert.

Grab and Go

One thing which was VERY important to my run up to Christmas (pre-coeliac diagnosis) was my annual M&S festive turkey sandwich. And thankfully the gluten free gods (and M&S) answered my prayers and made a gluten free version of my yearly fav. It’s a tradition I haven’t had to miss out on since going gluten free.

There is also a festive veggie option of Brie and Grape. Some of the crisps I mentioned earlier also come in mini packet form, so you can enjoy a taste of Christmas on your lunch break along with mini festive Chocolate treats, mini pigs in blankets portion and crackling crisps.

Lots of the Christmas options support the charity Shelter, and 5% from every pack is donated to them which I absolutely love.

The Best of the Rest

One thing which M&S nailed this year is their chocolate selection. Whether you are buying for yourself or gifting to a gluten free friend or relative, SO many of the chocolate boxes and treats are gf free including the stocking essential, chocolate coins (dairy free ones are also available).

Make sure you double check the ingredients (goes without saying) as I did come across a couple which weren’t safe for coeliacs due to manufacturing methods.

But below are some of my favourites I spotted.

All of their condiments, jams and preserves I came across are coeliac friendly. And although their festive hot chocolate sadly isn’t, their festive coffee is.

They also had a selection of festive sweets and chocolates which can be great stocking fillers or the perfect snack food for when you are watching Elf for the 19th time that week.

What gf goodies will you being buying from the M&S Christmas range this year?

Marcella x


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