9 Things You Can Do To Make January More Enjoyable Without Spending any Money (ish)

Poor old January gets a bad rep. We write off the month before we are barely even half way through it, wanting to trade it in for June or July. But actually there are a lot of really enjoyable things you can do at the start of the year and January can actually be the ideal month to do them in. And best of all, most of these suggestions don’t involve any money, which is especially good as we don’t have any right now.

  1. Binge watch a TV show. You know that boxset you’ve been told to watch for the past two years but you’ve never got round to it… watch it! Embrace the fact that your social life has taken a hit from December and instead of going outside and getting hypothermia, snuggle up under a blanket with a cuppa (or a glass of wine if you’re not doing dry Jan) and binge watch to your heart’s content. Staying in is the new going out.
  2. Create your own epic yoga space at home. I have a lot of respect for people who are willing to battle the January gym rush and even more so for people who go for a run in antarctic conditions. But if leaving your house to exercise is too much, embrace the dark evenings as it makes for perfect mood lighting for a relaxing yoga practice. Set up some candles (safely and nowhere you can knock them over as setting your living room alight doesn’t scream calming), put down a mat and get into the zen zone. I highly recommend Yoga With Adrienne on YouTube which has videos for all abilities and moods.
  3. Host a dinner party. Everyone is feeling a little skint in January but you can still eat and socialise. Instead of dining in a restaurant you can do it in the comfort of your own home. I actually love cooking (head to the food/recipe section of my blog for some great crowd pleasing meals) and the best bit is, the food can be tailored to exactly how you like it. If you are doing veganuary/are trying to eat more veg/generally want to eat out less this, is a great way to tick off those new year resolutions. Get your mates to bring the wine/desert to help split the cost, but which ever way you look at it, it’s going to be a LOT more affordable than eating out. And if you have too many glasses of wine, it’s not far to go to bed.
  4. Have a hot bath. You cannot beat a hot bubble bath after a long day. In the summer, this cosy warming activity just isn’t an option. Cold showers aren’t a relaxing affair in August but more of a necessity after being on the tube in rush hour. So this January, make the most of all the bath stuff you got for Christmas. Lights some candles, read a book or stick on a film and warm up your body and soul.
  5. Visit a museum. January is the quietest time of the year in London’s attractions. People favour staying in to save some money. But many of London’s museums are free. Beat the summer holiday crowds and plan a fun day out. The Natural History is my personal fav.
  6. Monopoly and wine night. The board games have all been out over the festive period, but they don’t have to be shoved to the back of the cupboard collecting dust until next December. I love it when pubs have board games on the the tables for you to play while you have a few drinks. So, why not do it at home where the booze is half the price and no one can hear your competitive arguments.
  7. Give you home refresh. The Christmas decs have come down and your pad is looking a little tidier, so why not use this time to play with the space and make it a cosy haven this winter. I’m a big fan of candles and fairy lights for the dark evenings, but I also love having plants and flowers to inject a bit of life into my home which can help me to feel more motivated during the day.
  8. Clear out/organise your wardrobes and drawers. We tend to accumulate more stuff over Christmas and we need to find our new pair of trainers or make-up palette a home. I find it really therapeutic doing a good old clear out and I feel so accomplished when it’s completed. Stick on a good podcast and get yourself organised for the year ahead.
  9. Get outside and go for a walk. A lot of my other points involved staying in as the rain/wind/snow can force us to do so. But I think it is SO important to still get some fresh air. Get out that little bit earlier as the sun isn’t up for very long, put on a wooly scarf and a hat and breath in that winter air. Make a day of it and head to the countryside (if you’re not local to it like me) and have a good walk and maybe find a cosy pub and treat yourself to a roast. Okay that involves a little bit of money, but you made it outside so you deserve it.

Marcella x


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