Oh hey there people of the internet.

So, a little bit about me.

I’m a 25 year old from London, with a background in acting & I have a lot of stuff to say, so I thought I’d put it on the internet.

I love spending money I don’t have on expensive brunches, booking too many holidays, having regular bubble baths and binge watching Harry Potter.

I started a blog in 2016, and after really enjoying rambling on for a year and realising a few people other than my mum were reading it, I decided to go self hosting and thus marcellacarelli.co.uk was born.

Here you can read the thoughts and musings of a twenty-something (from health to career to bad relationships), things to do in London, going abroad on a budget and a bit of beauty because I’m a blogger cliché with a strong love of face masks and liquid lipsticks.

I have also recently been diagnosed with having coeliac disease, so I will be sharing my journey, the best gluten free restaurants, supermarket finds and (dare I say it) actually fulfil my new years resolution since 2012 and do some cooking so I can share some tasty recipes.

Feel free to leave comments or for PR, drop me an email at marcellacarelli.co.uk.

Happy reading,

Marcella x